About Us
Helvetia Homes was established by the global leaders Šipad-Komerc and LLB Global Investment Group

LLB Global Investment Group
LLB is an international company with a diverse range of services and activities in property, asset management, project finance, infrastructure projects, investments, political and commercial advice and security and nuclear services.
See www.llbinvestment.com for further information.
Šipad was founded in 1892 by Otto Steinbass, an industrialist and businessman from Brandenburg in Germany. It began with humble origins in forestry, when its founder recognised the quality of timber in the Bosnian Marches, the Bos. Krajina territory.
During 1927 and 1937, Šipad supplied more than 150,000 m3 of sawmill products and became a highly appreciated trade brand in Europe and other parts of the world. In 1948, Šipad consolidated its forest plantation and production trade of wood production and wood converting plans, and research and development works.
By the late 1970s Šipad had become a conglomerate and household name throughout Former Yugloslavia. It had a strong retailing network of department stores, show rooms and warehouses in the region totalling 370 properties (200 of which it owned directly). In its 34 factories and addition assembling units, Šipad assembled USD 200 million of furniture and exported around 1,200,000 m3 of sawn timbers per year.
In 1980 it expanded established its design, engineering, construction and furnishing business for residential, commercial and public buildings in both the domestic and foreign markets. Šipad directly employed around 55,000 people in the country of Yugoslavia, as it was then known.
However, even Šipad was not immune to the effects of the Yugoslav Wars which devastated the region between 1992 – 1995.
Its strength did however ensure its survival and since then, its business continues to be a highly appreciated trade brand in Europe and globally. The conglomerate’s trade and investment activities remain focused, yet diverse and plentiful in:
  • The design, engineering and construction of residential properties, shopping centres, schools, hospitals, hotels, offices, industrial and agricultural production units, and so on.
  • Interior design, furnishing works and equipping of spaces including residential and commercial  properties, hotels, spas, restaurants, governmental buildings
  • Furnishing of healthcare spaces including hospitals, ambulances, emergency departments, pharmacies, ancillary spaces such as laboratories, hospital kitchens, medical machinery and equipment
  • Production of furniture and mattresses
  • Wholesale and retail trade
  • Import/export of building materials, furniture and equipment
  • Metal container units and metal halls for industrial production, sports halls and    trade centres
  • Food refrigeration and transportation
  • Food sorting, packaging and canning
  • Meat refining
  • Milk refining
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